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18th to 20th September

Preliminary Exams

18th September

Year 12 Spirituality Day

19th September

Year 12 Activity Day

20th September

Year 12 Final Assembly and
Departure at 10am
2018 Captains announced

22nd September

Term 3 ends
Year 7 Boys and Girls
District Soccer Gala Day at
Leagues Club Oval

9th October

Pupil Free Day

10th October

Classes resume for Term 4

11th October

INduction of Captains and Prefects
Immunisations for Year 7

12th October

Transition Program Session 3
- St Patricks
Year 11 into 12 transition
information night 6pm in
College Hall

13th October

Transition Program Session 3
- St Mary's



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Website Issues

Welcome to our website......

Marian Catholic College prides itself on being a ‘community school’ where each individual is valued and their contribution is recognised and appreciated.

The College’s student support and welfare programs are designed to ensure a safe, caring and supportive environment in which all students have the opportunity to achieve their best. We are proud of our College and of its students. The students work very hard and they achieve very good results both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. Some of these include Tournament of Minds, Music, Drama, Public Speaking, Art Club, Duke of Edinburgh Award, MUNA and representative sport.

The main thing that teachers at Marian want to do is to support students’ learning. We will help students to build upon their strengths as well as to try to overcome their weaknesses. If students work hard in their lessons and with their homework, if they take up the wide variety of opportunities in front of them, they have every chance to find great success at Marian.

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As the term ends and we farewell our Year 12’s from their last lessons here at Marian you cannot help but be infected by a sense of pride that both teachers and students have of the College. This is evident in the many farewell gifts from teachers to students and from students to teachers that we saw being exchanged in the forms of handshakes, cakes and just a general thank you as they concluded their final day. It showed a general admiration and respect for each other in what has been a long academic and wellbeing journey. 

Also in the past fortnight the College has been busy organising for the final assembly that will take place next Wednesday the 20th. Here we will officially say goodbye before they bunker down in preparation for their HSC.

Marian students and parents travelled to Sturt Public School on Sunday, 27th August, to participate in Tournament of Minds. TOM aims to enhance the potential of our youth by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management, and the discipline to work collaboratively within a competitive environment. This year we had three teams competing within three different disciplines: 

  • Science Technology
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Social Sciences

​Every student actively contributed to their team, collaborating ideas, time and their individual talents, to produce some outstanding presentations. The ingenuity that was on display by these students, and their ability to solve their chosen problem in a unique and creative manner is a testament to the work and dedication of each student, their teachers, in particular Ms Robertson and Mr Chowdhury. Whilst our teams were not successful on the day, they achieved much and should be proud of their efforts.

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Marian Catholic College